IDX vs OK To Advertise

What Are The New Rules
Recently the Miami Board of Realtors changed the rules on OK To Advertise.  There has been much confusion about these new rules and how it affects your web site.  Here's how it works.
The rules for IDX (Internet Data Exchange) have not changed.  The IDX is what governs usage of other agent's listings on your web site.  Basically, when a listing agent says YES on IDX in the MLS you are allowed to put that listing on your web site.  The listing shows up with the address, description and photos, but leaves off the listing agent's name and number.  This allows you to have thousands of listings on your site.  The beauty of the IDX is that it updates automatically so you don't have to touch it.
OK To Advertise
Before the change in rules, if a listing agent said YES on OK To Advertise on the MLS you would be able to advertise that listing on Craigslist, Trulia, Zillow or other sites.  This was being abused so the Miami Board changed the rules in February.  The new rules are as follows:
1.  You must have written permission from the listing agent if you want to advertise their listing.
2.  You are not allowed to copy photos from the MLS for your personal use.
Once again, these rule changes on OK To Advertise do not affect the IDX and how your web site works.  
Please call or email me for more information.
Mark Weithorn
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